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infopractical's Journal

The Adventures of a Confounded Spinning Ball
This is the friends only journal of Mathew Crawford. My professional blog can be found here and is syndicated on LJ at mistacademy.

This journal now gets edited maybe once a year. I keep several layers of friend filters.

I value the entrepreneurial spirit. I only feel happy when I'm working toward building something that nobody else would build.

I write math books for students interested in digging deeper into the heart of mathematics and problem solving. My first major book is an Introduction to Number Theory. My second major book, coauthored with Richard Rusczyk, is Intermediate Algebra, which is not simply an Algebra II book, but spans a great deal of algebra often left untouched even through an undergraduate degree program.

My most recent project is Gliya, which aims to bring a quality technologically endowed education free to the world. Check it out!